On the mend

Today I’d say Makoi is completely healed and ready to come out of the cone of shame. We went for a quiet walk this afternoon. We decided to try a different route today. It was rather uphill and it was looking like it was going no where. When we reach the top we found a random heard of cows! Makoi’s never seen a cow up close and I was very impressed with his reaction…which was nothing! Here’s a photo 🙂


Quote of the month…

Makoi has always been – to put it lightly – a bit on the low side when it comes to pain tolerance. Everyone steps on their dog’s foot every once in a while, right? Well let me tell you, that is one of the last things you should ever do with Makoi. You’ll hear about the incident for an hour or so. And it is in everyone’s best interest to guide Makoi by the collar, and not his scruff – you’ll hear about that for a while too.

Makoi was neutered today…Need I say more? Well, basically he is acting like his life is over and he’d mind as well just die now. He is making me feel terrible! I just want him to heal so he can get back to himself!!

Unfortunately the nearest vet is 1 hour away, so I had to listen to him all the way home! I took this photo while we were driving home. This is how he stayed for the entire ride – staring at me in the rear view mirror the whole way crying, whimpering and screaming…

Makoi’s quote of the month: “I shouldn’t have gone into the car this morning…”

Sir Snob’s-a-lot

Makoi’s new official nick name is Sir Snob’s-a-lot…It’s so fitting, he’s quite the canine snob…

Found this photo from when he was younger. I decribed it as ‘regal’…Looking back at it, all I see is Sir Snob’s-a-lot!

What do you think?

Far Out

Ya, sooooo I have a Japanese Akita pup. He is absolutely THE MOST STUBBORN DOG ALIVE. Sorry to yell, but he is and that was the best way I could think of to describe him. I love my little Makoi to death. He is such a good dog – the best I have ever had actually, but he is testy and stubborn as heck. I knew what I was getting myself into by getting an Akita – I knew all about the breed before I got him, and I did know they were more on the stubborn side. Akita’s are know for their intelligence as well – and oh god is Makoi ever… He has mastered the doggie art of using his stubbornness and intelligence at the same time. Not in the typical way most dogs would just sit and not come when you ask them to, or lie down when you ask them to sit and vice versa. If I ask Makoi to come, he’ll come (I worked very hard on that…) right up to me…Then he’ll look up at me and take two steps to either side of me and either sit or lie down, as if he was saying, “Ya, you asked me to come…But I was also wanting to lie down right here at the same time you asked me to come, so therefore it was my idea.” Little bastard, but I love my little man with all my heart, and I wouldn’t change him one bit!

On our blog here, I will be posting new stories and new facts about Mr.Makoi. There is a lot to cover, so keep checking back for new updates and lots of photos! Here is one for you guys to enjoy! This was during one of our recent hikes at Fernie Alpine Resort 🙂